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Eric L. Clitheroe ~ Another Wasatch Academy Graduate -1927 ~ Making Headlines at Wasatch, Westminster, Coe College and Purdue University

Eric was an honor student with the following credits to his name:

And in the Salt Lake Telegram May 24 1928, we find him making headlines again

            Salt Lake Telegram 1928-05-24 Elections Held at Westminster

In 1937 we find him In Carroll Iowa to speak at Presbyterian Pulpit


Carroll Daily Herald

Publication Date:

Friday, August 20, 1937

Newspaper Location:

Carroll, Iowa, United States Of America

Dr. Eric Clitheroe , Parsons College, To Speak Aug. 29 Will Fill Presbyterian Pulpit Here; Noted Scholar, Speaker FIELD PIECE SHOWERS DEATH ON TIENTSIN-So casually do Japanese troops take the battle.

In 1948 we find him as a Guest Minister from Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Rev. Gwaltney returned Monday
 from his vacation Guest minister
during his absence was Dr.
Eric Clitheroe professor of Bible
studies Coe college Cedar Rapids

And beginning in 1951, we find him at Purdue University, Indiana.  

And a Scholarship in Philosophy Continues to this day in his name.

Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University

The Eric L. Clitheroe Scholarship in Philosophy

This merit scholarship was created in 1987 in honor of Prof. Eric L. Clitheroe, who was a member of Purdue’s Philosophy Department from 1951 to 1973. Each year, it awards at least $500 to an outstanding undergraduate philosophy major. Friends and former student’s of Prof. Clitheroe’s established the initial endowment for this scholarship.

Eric died June 1986, Lafayette, Ind.    

Much  thanks goes to Lee R.  Christensen for helping me out with this post.  

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