Friday, October 23, 2009

Bill K. Peterson Story by Lee

A couple of weeks ago, we posted W. K. Peterson's obituary.  Our friend Lee R. Christensen had written a piece in his own book, "They Knew Me as Buddy and Other Tales" about Bill K. We would like to share with all of you now.

As you know Bill K. was the town marshall in our day. One of his routines was to patrol downtown area during the night. His duty station when not roaming the street was in the garage back of the post office - - First West and Main. One night he was surprised by some would-be robbers (he was probably snoozing), ordered to open one of the business houses; tied up and made to watch while they stripped the place bare.

I don't know that they were ever caught. L'Amour would have had a posse catching them as they galloped down Salt Creek Canyon with Bill K. out front waving a white hat. I don't remember any bank holdups so either there was no money in them or Bill K's reputation as a lawman was well known at least during daylight hours.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hamilton Grade school 5th grade, 1932 - 1933

Front row lf to rt: marland zabriskie, shrol erickson, billy hansen, buddy christensen, arthur oldham, que barton, newel nelson, phil squires, allen olsen, rex christensen, blain shelly

2nd row lf to rt: alice johnson, jane brittan, miriam candland, carol anderson, geraldine staker, lavon draper, mareen tidwell, florence peterson, barbara beckstrom, lavon carmbon, unk, mary hafen, mayre mckay, betty jensen

Back row lt to rt: andra sorenson, mary kathrine christensen, elaine sorenson, beth lund, alma johansen, evelyn jensen, fern olson, hilda roberts, charles rutishauser, kenneth johnson, wayne peterson, boyd johansen, lon simmons, cataract olson Marsden Allred, teacher