Monday, March 5, 2012

From Lee R. Christensen's book " You Knew Me As Buddy"

courtesy of American Press

Dear Historian, Could you:

1. Furnish me with the unit, Division or Lower that took Coblenz Germany in WW II. Probably mid March 1945, Third Army.

2. And if they have a Division Association, its address.

I’m trying to reach members of this Unit and enlist their help in a gesture of Friendship and Peace. I was never in Coblenz but was stationed at Ehrenbreitstein Fortress on the mountain above and across the Rhine from this city in April 1945. Coblenz had been badly damaged but the detail I remember was of a Horse and Rider statue blown off their granite pedestal. I don’t know who the rider was, a Kaiser or perhaps Frederick the Great. But as they lay there, alone, on their sides, in what had once been a dramatic park where the Moselle River flows into the Rhine, they suggested the eminent surrender of Nazi Germany.

Now, some 45 years after that War, the people of Coblenz are making plans to put the Rider and his Horse back on their pedestal. They have waited, I understand, for a reunited Germany.

I would think the members of the Unit who knocked the rider and his Horse over would want to participate.
I thank you for any help you can furnish me.
Lee R. Christensen