Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lee's Memories Of This Home

KATHY;   This was my first home in Mt Pleasant.   When my father finished law school in Chicago (1921 -23) and returned to Utah he ,with his wife and 3 children ,lived with his parents ,J W Christensen, in Fairview until he could open his law  practice in Mt Pleasant which he  did in 23 – 24 by buying out an attorney  I think by the name of Cherry.   He then rented this home and moved us  to Mt Pleasant.   We lived here until Fred Larsen  bought the home.  Your story says 1923 but Fred may have rented it to us until summer of “25 when we moved into  the Borg home Ist West.     I remember my first Christmas here when my grandfather gave me a silver dollar. It is not true that I still have it>?  I learned to tie my shoe laces here, played with the Woolsey kids and Emil Lund.  I still carry a sliver picked up on the backyard fence  in my left wrist.   And I still shudder when I think of all the things that could have happened to me when I crawled across the street thru the newly constructed bridge over the little irrigation ditch that crossed the street near the house.  Too this day I blame the Woolsey kids.   lee