Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photo of Eight Hamilton Grade Schoolers class of 1934

KATHY: With the help of my son in law I have statistically defined the eight ninety year olds from Hamilton’s grade school class of 1934.
  •      In the 2010 census 90 plus year olds made up a bit more than one half of one percent of the population (308 million to 1.5 million).   From another source, twenty percent (20%) of those born in 1922 lived to age 90.  At the time of their birth only about two percent (2%) were predicted to do so
  •      Statically Hamilton’s class of ’34 is at the National norm for their birth year of 1922 and each of them is a one in two hundred of our National population.
  •      And Kathy, I notice that most of us in the photo are smiling.  Remembering back this photo taken three weeks after Roosevelt became President (3 March 1933) and he and Congress in those three week have made three two (3.2) beer legal. No more home brew!  As good as Joe Lund’s  home brew was, it was not as good as legal Becker’s Best.    

 If I’m contacted by a Public Health media type and asked “how” I’ll tell them good home brew.  But I’ll also be sure to let them know I’m speaking just for me.      Lee