Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lee R. Christensen Writes Utah National Guard Headquarters

Lt Col L R Christensen

Ernest G. Brunger
Chesley P. Seely

Matson Brothers:
Joseph in the rear
Rex C. in front
Joseph did not return from the war.

222 Field Artillery Officers Party
Here is a photo of Brunger in uniform.  Too bad he is not facing the camera.   Photo Shop  you can probably turn him around?  He is on the right just inside the door.  Bonny Fuller the x coach from North Sanpete is on Brunger's left against the wall.  Photo early San luis Obispo summer 1941.  

Both Rex and Joe Matson in the 1929 Lions club photo.   Does Photo Shop have an aging app>?    Rex bottom step extreme  left, Joe extreme right   against rail about third up.  .    lee