Tuesday, May 3, 2016

222 F A Reg Utah National Guard Crest

KATHY:   This is the crest of the 222 F A Reg Utah national guard  of which Btry D Mt Pleasant was a part .  My memory and my resources are all a bit confused as to our crest after few  were federalized March 1941.  It was definitely not the crest (if they had one) of Btry A 204th FA bn which is what the Mt Pleasant unit became.   It was this crest that gave us the name of Mormon Bn and also sheepherder.  I think the soldier is a replica of the statue on the Capital grounds.

 If there are any Btry D 222nd FA vets still around  (I think I may be the last one)  they can claim service with the Mormon Battalion.   Pre WW2 while  still a Utah National Guard unit  the 222nd FA regiment was called the Mormon Battalion.  Our regimental crest was a Mormon battalion soldier on a shield.  Other outfits call it the “sheepherder”.  When we were federalized we had to use a nationally recognized crest. 

   Henry Weeks Sanderson of Fairview Mormon Bn and I would guess some  Allreds  from Spring  City were.    lee