Monday, June 30, 2014

Master of Ceremonies - Wasatch Academy Alumni Day - April 21, 1990 - Class of ‘40 Show

Class of 40 at their 50th

It’s good to see a full house, a standing room only full house, because this show deserves a full house; it’s a great show and the price is right.

In keeping with my advertising background, I’ve got a commercial and a warning. All of the stars on this show are under contract to me. And while I hope you TV scouts, you movie directors and you theater producers in the audience can use their talents, I am their
agent and you must deal with me. I’ll be back in my office Wednesday in the Waldorf Towers.
That’s the Waldorf Towers, Fairview, Utah.

Lee's Waldorf Towers

Now we want you to sit back, relax and enjoy this great show. To you members of the Wasatch Academy Association, you need not worry about assessments in the future to cover this show. There are no hidden costs. All members of the cast have signed liability waivers.  Even if we strain a vocal cord reaching for a note we haven’t hit in 50 years, pull an aged hamstring or fall off the stage, we will not sue. So enjoy.

The star of our show, also the producer, the director, the choreographer, is Afton Anderson Mann.

Afton Anderson Mann

But her greatest achievement for this show has been as a talent scout, and her most astonishing find is a street musician from St. George, Roger Hansen. Roger, it is great to have you with us.

Roger Hansen

And now for the show.

I wouldn’t have told this story in 1940, but I’ve checked with Headmaster Loftin and he assures me that the students of 1990 can handle this. So I am going to tell you about my first sexual experience. It happened right across the street on the Alice corner.
It was late afternoon and I was just sitting there in my car waiting for something to happen.  I had borrowed the car from Steve Keuseff’s cousin.

Stephen Kueseff

 Some of you will remember the Keuseffs. Great Wasatchers. As I was sitting there Doctor Holman came by. Some of you may remember the Doctor.

Doctor Holman

More of you will remember Phyllis, Camille, and Leon Holman.

When Dr. Holman came up he said “Buddy, what you doing?” He called me Buddy.  And I said, “I’m waiting for something to happen.” He said, “My golly, you’re in luck, something has just happened. I’ve delivered a baby to the Olsens".

"Would you like to see the box babies come in?” I   said “Yup.” I was always very curious.  So he put down his black satchel, opened it and pointed to a small tin box. “That’s it,” he said, “The box babies come in.” I said “Yup.”        

LaMar Olsen (the baby in the box)

  I was talkative in those days.   He closed his satchel, picked it up and walked toward main street. I pedaled my kiddy car down the street where the Alice is now. And that was my first sexual experience. And they never got any better.

Friday, June 6, 2014

D Day Remembered By Lee

 2nd  Div that replaced the 28th Div as the  D+ 1 Div and hence my disappointment.    lee





Kenneth Young 

  Kenneth Young may have been the first Mt Pleasant man to cross a Normandy beach following D Day .    Even then he was a few weeks behind the first men off a  landing craft  but a head of my unit and the Mt Pleasant unit both of whom went ashore mid-July.  Kenneth was in the 69th Seabee Bn and their mission was to build ramps so us late landers could walk ashore without  wading thru the surf.  I’ve attached a photo of Kenneth from the North Sanpete High school  1940 yearbook.  He was a sophomore and the schools best trumpeter player.    lee

Photo showing the work of Kenneth's battalion on Omaha beach.