Saturday, May 10, 2014

North Sanpete High School ~ 50th Class Reunion ~ May 1990

   This was the speech I gave at the 50th  class reunion of  North Sanpete’s class of 1940    I had gone to school with the Mt Pleasant students in this class for 10 years prior to switching to Wasatch  Academy for my junior and senior years.   These were my Hamilton Grade  school classmates of 1934.     Barto and Pinky were both Fairview and they came to North Sanpete for their  junior and senior years.   My dating Barto was when we were both sophomores ,she in Fairview and me in Mt Pleasant.   
   After high school Barto and Pinky married and lived happily every after in southern California.   
   North Sanpete’s ENN – ESS – AITCH 1940 yearbook was lent to me by Reva Cox Fillis  for scanning the photos of those mentioned in the speech.   Sorry I did not get a better photo of Pinky but he was not in the student section and I had to scan him off the basketball team.  Even there he is better looking than I remembered.    lee